Max McGraw Wildlife Foundation

Conservation that connects

Looking beyond the expected to ensure a thriving natural world

At McGraw, we know the answer isn’t always about having or spending more. It’s about doing better with what we have. That is why we work to create the most effective and efficient solutions to the most pressing issues in conservation. We start with open eyes and an open mind, and then we follow the science wherever it leads. We connect species, ecosystems, organizations, businesses, and governments and recommend practical, productive actions.
Wildlife, water, farms, forests, cities — our only boundaries are what we can learn and apply to ensure a thriving natural world.

Think about this. You are handed the keys to a $25 billion- a-year industry. Your customers are passionate, generous and committed, but their numbers are dwindling. Billions are wasted, with little accountability. Departments duplicate efforts or work at cross purposes. You know what needs to be done. When it comes to conservation, so do we.
We believe that conservation programs – especially those funded by taxpayer dollars – can and must be made more efficient, more accountable, and oriented towards results. They should take advantage of the best management practices and partnerships. The need is great. The timing is imperative.

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Our partners

We work with some of the leading organizations in conservation. Some of those partners include: DUCKS UNLIMITED, WETLANDS AMERICA TRUST, AUDUBON, DELTA WATERFOWL, ROCKY MOUNTAIN ELK FOUNDATION, Cook County Forest Preserve District